Photo by Arie Kers

Hi! I am Dr. Carmen-Silva Sergiou,

a mega brain enthusiast with a PhD in Forensic Neuroscience.

Currently I am working as a post-doctoral researcher in the Netherlands for the Max Planck Institute for Crime, Security and Law on the Virtual Burglary Project.

My passions for Neuroscience and the Forensic Field intersects in the emerging field of Forensic Neuropsychology.

In addition I am very interested and gaining knowledge in the field of using NFT’s as a funding opportunity for science and to contribute in making open science available for everybody. Therefore I started the Neuroscience NFT project together with talented 3D artist Sytske Nijp and Computer science hero Emanuel Boderash.

Furthermore my interests lay in contributing to the implementation of ketamine, MDMA and psilocybine in the Dutch mental health care. I believe that psychedelic treatment can be of great importance for future interventions when well implemented.

On this website you can find my previous work, my projects, the Neuroscience NFT project, further interests and above all: 


"My never ending enthusiasm for the Brain"

Dr. Carmen Sergiou
Forensic Neuroscientist